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Functional Basketball Coaching provides a low cost consultation service for coaches looking to review their current coaching performance within their training context. Coaches can engage FBC to review training sessions and provide feedback on technical and tactical aspects, or general principles of coaching. If you are looking to get the edge in your coaching, contact Functional Basketball Coaching today to find out how we can assist.

The Functional Basketball Coaching Training Session Review service is for those coaches looking to advance their coaching to the next level. Maybe…


Let Functional Basketball Coaching help you become a better coach with a Training Session Review
Let Functional Basketball Coaching help you become a better coach with a Training Session Review

You are new to coaching and want some advice and guidance?

You are not confident in approaching other coaches for advice?

Do you struggle to find coaches at the same level or higher of competence in your local area?


No matter the circumstance Functional Basketball Coaching’s services can help in assisting a coach develop their craft in coaching practice and gain valuable feedback on how to achieve the desired result.


How the Training Session Review works?


Following a purchase of the service through the Functional Basketball Coaching store a coach will submit up to 90 minutes of footage from a training session.


This footage can be transferred through one of the facilities below:


  • Zip file
  • USB
  • DVD
  • Drop Box


Once received a Functional Basketball Coaching experienced coach will review the training session provided and record feedback.


Feedback will be provided in a word processed document to the coach with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats/risks, discussion points and recommendations about areas of likely improvement.


Every coach can gain something from the Functional Basketball Coaching Training Session Review even if it is just piece of mind about their performance.


Benefits of the Training Session Review


The Training Session Review will provide a coach with some valuable answers that otherwise might be difficult to come by. In the often high pressure environment of coaching, many individuals find it difficult to find an unbiased person to provide recommendations. Functional Basketball Coaching can assist!


Just some of the benefits a coach can expect from this service include:


  • Detailed report
  • Unbiased and neutral feedback
  • No conflict of interest issues
  • Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed


What Functional Basketball Coaching to focus on a specific area of concern? Let us know and we will make every effort to address the issue of concern.


Still have some questions?


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