1-2-2 Halfcourt Press E-Book


When you are coaching basketball, finding solutions for a tough game can put you on the edge of your seat. Exploring new tactics and countermeasures are the only way to grow as a coach, and this e-book is here to give you a new defense that could save your next game.

The 1-2-2 Half Court Press is a defense tactic that you can use to turn the tides on your opponents and win. This trapping strategy can pressure your opponent into working in a way they find uncomfortable, throwing them off balance and giving you the game back.

Our e-book gives you all the details on how to successfully pull off the 1-2-2- Half Court Press, including the personnel required, strengths and weaknesses for this tactic, and more.

This trap is considered an essential for every coach’s playbook, but it is not without its risks. If you attempt to use the 1-2-2 Half Court Press without a detailed understanding of how it works, you could end up causing trouble for your own team. With 35 pages and over 12,000 words of detailed explanation, you will gain a thorough understanding of this strategy that will strengthen your team and give you an edge over your competition.

Learn what this maneuver is all about and how it can help your team thrive in a defensive environment with this powerful book detailing every aspect of the 1-2-2 Half Court Press. You’ll come away with the knowledge you need for a stronger and better defense, every time you play.

Having trouble stopping your opposition? Behind on the scoreboard and can’t find an answer? Want to be more proactive with your defense instead of always focusing on your team’s offensive playbook? This 1-2-2 Halfcourt Press E-book is the solution.


The 1-2-2 Halfcourt Press is a trapping zone defense widely used by basketball coaches. A staple for many coach’s playbooks the press creates an atmosphere of proactive defense. Where a defense is empowered to control the game and its various phases of play.


When utilised with purpose, the press can push an opposition into playing at a tempo that they are unfamiliar to and ultimately lead to mistakes.


If employed without understand the trap will work against a team and cause a great number of issues for the defense.


In this E-Book the 1-2-2 Halfcourt Press is pulled apart and explored. Developing an understanding of how each piece fits together to create a fully functioning and effective defense that any team can utilise with success. Examining elements such as the personnel required, strengths and weaknesses, as well as different variations within the zone press this how to guide is a must have!


The 1-2-2 Halfcourt Press brings together a functional working guide for coaches to explore the various aspects of the trap. Throughout this book not only will the mechanics of the trap be defined, but the broader options around how to change, and adapt the press for a greater number of game realistic scenarios.


Looking for some expert advice that is more then just the simplistic explanations you can already find of the web? Over thirty-five pages of content, more then 12,000 words and more then a dozen detailed diagrams make this e-book without peer.


As part of the topics covered by the book, the content will cover:


  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Troubleshooting
  • Variations
  • Game tactics and Strategy


All of these topics are broken down and explore one step at a time. This will help even the most inexperienced coach develop an understanding about the 1-2-2 Halfcourt Press more rapidly than ever before.


Featuring highly detailed diagrams and instructions this book will make a difference for a coach’s playbook right now. The variations discussed around the zone presses implementation will have a positive effect to make the tactic of the press a lasting game option that will greatly improve the effectiveness of the presses use in the long-term.


The 1-2-2 Halfcourt Press is a Zone Press where each defender has a specific role and set of responsibilities. Because the roles within this defense can be more simply explained, this zone press is a favourite of coaches who are new to the sport or just learning to introduce a more aggressive defense to young players. This e-book looks to explore in-depth the teaching points needed to carry out this trapping defense successfully. While also providing a number of different options for building up and breaking down the defense to meet the specific needs of each team that chooses to use it.


This book is a must have foundation text for any coach’s library!


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